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The fear is BACK!

The FEAR is back!

At the beginning of lockdown, I walked home most nights from my shift and a paranoid thought - 'hey you could get this, you knw!' 'You could catch this virus and pass it on to your loved ones.' But I shrugged it off - as a paranoid thought and continued on my way.

Today we were told that the DHL delivery driver we use for the shop is currently been tested for COVID-19. BOOM .... Fear is back in the room!

Hey FEAR welcome back! Welcome back in to my daily thought process.

The paranoid thoughts happen again!

Your rational mind stops them spiralling into the unknown territory in your head. Saving you from total destruction of your soul. Saving you from an unpleasant ending of doom that your imagination can conjure up in a split second.

Covid-19 = pain

Pain can = death of a loved one, as you passed it on.

Your imagination and mind races over you passing the virus on to someone you love and before you know BOOM your world is black.

But of course you rationalise everything, meticulously analise the evidence and are calm again. Until the next time....

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