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A Drug

If you allow your mind to switch off

It's like a drug

If you let yourself go

You can become all consumed by it

Travel to a sensual dimension

A place where your soul and pleasure meet

A place where only you know

A place of fantasy

A place of uplifting joy

If you allow your mind to switch off

Take in only what is happening

Allow each breath to be felt

Allow each touch to be felt

Allow every sexual feeling to happen

You can be taken on a sexual Journey

A sexual drug, drug of love and fantasy

A sexual drug of thought and feeling

Having sex is like taking a drug

Your mind thinks of nothing else

Nothing can enter, as you feel everything

Your body is on fire, a sensual being

A sensual and sexual experience

Each journey is different but equally pleasing and giving

Allow the feeling and want the feeling and the journey will be mesmerising.

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