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Comparing yourself to another

I'm jealous today.

Comparing yourself to another is a dangerous thing. I've done it a lot lately.

Especially during lockdown.

I go on social media and see all the awesome lives and pictures of people enjoying the sunshine, having a great time. And I think - God I have worked all day, non stop in a boiling room! And they've lazed in the sun, swam in an open river/lake. I would have loved to have done that today. But I've worked all day in the heat. Not lazed around and had a really nice time.

Lockdown has created two groups of people (and its neither groups fault) - people doing nothing except working and working harder than they ever have. And the other side are those who had a really nice time doing nothing except sun bathing, sorting there houses out and relaxing.

There's lots of complaining and making comments on social media from both camps.

But today I am jealous of those who enjoyed the hottest day of te year in a way of pleasure. I'm jealous of those who swam in the open water, or sunbathed in their back yards.

I'm deeply jealous. Deeply.

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