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I want to be happy.

I'm good at all that I do.

Organise a cheese event. Done and done well.

Clean a house top to bottom effecient and beautifully executed. Done and done well.

Teach a class. Done and done well.

Talk to all walks of life. Done and done well.

Build confidence in another human being. Done and done well.

I get swept away and think this is what I should do. But will I be satisfied? Will I be happy with my lot?

Can I ever be satisfied? Content? Am I always going to not know what I want out of my professional life?

I just want to be happy, I want to earn enough to have nice things and provide for my family. A holiday each year or every other year.

I do obviously care about what others think of me but not to the extent that it guides my decisions. But I've always done jobs with titles: youth worker, family centre worker, trainer, co-ordinator, teacher and confidence consultant - I gave that one to myself! Is it really me? What I want? I'd be lying to myself if I wasn't questioning it right now!

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