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Rest and Go Slow.

I’ve just returned from a short trip to Germany, to visit my family and extended family. As like so many others I’ve waited a long time to be standing on German soil, eating German food and drink. Watching the world go by as I travel as a passenger in the righthand side of a car. To listen to the spoken word but in German and to enjoy listening and watching the German conversations unravel before me.

Always as part of my visit to my fatherland, a visit to the breast doctor is required. A methodical ultrasound from arm pit to armpit is completed by the wonderful breast doctor, to detect any changes within the tissue. This service isn’t offered within the UK, only a yearly mammogram for women like me, who have cancer in the family, through gene and/or blood siblings. I’m so lucky to receive this treatment and have it done to be proactive with my health, not reactive when it is often too late, like we see so many times in the UK. My sister pays for this service under her health insurance for me and I can’t thank her enough for it.

The breast doctor is a delightful, enthusiastic, and fascinating woman, full of life and great character. She was able to see me, at short notice, I emailed the day I arrived in the country. I didn’t state in advance that I was coming like the last three times before, as I never made it out and had to cancel because of the changes and restrictions within the travel system, due to the pandemic that’s taken place over the past two years.

It takes around 45 to 60 minutes the appointment, which includes a written document of the findings and outcome. All logged on a system to use as a point of call to compare against next time. What a service, first class, I walk away with a lighter heart, as I know I am cancer free today and have been since the last time I was there in October 2019! Peace of mind is what It brings, peace of mind so many in this country do not receive, as unfortunately the NHS is reactive not proactive.

The appointment draws to a close and we discuss my looming surgery that I need – an emergency hysterectomy that I have been waiting since the 01NOV21 for it! We speak positively that it will be soon, it must be soon and that my sister may visit, whilst I’m in the midst of the recovery – mainly to cook and clean haha! And I state that I will recover quickly as I am strong, my main answer to all aspects of hardship in my life

And she replies “yes you are but you must rest and go slow” after the last two years we have had and then an impending hysterectomy on top of that – you must rest and go slow.

I don’t know how to rest and go slow; I also don’t know how to ask for help from others, well of course I do know how to ask for help but find it incredibly hard to do so! I’m just a livewire and a ‘get on with it’ type of person. I often ask for help sometimes too late, when I’m mentally or physically ‘on the floor,’ which is always detrimental to myself.

I guess I’ve got a lot to learn over the next coming months. A new journey I’m about to embark on. A fast-paced individual expected to go slow and rest – what a challenge that is going to be, not just for me but those around me. My family whom I live with especially are going to have to take on this challenge too, theirs maybe a different challenge to mine. Guess I need to facilitate a 1-2-1 on myself, or as always reach out to a professional for some space to find clarity and to make a plan, going forward.

If I was facilitating a 1-2-1 with a client, what would I be doing/exploring with them around the said issues?

Questioning why they feel they can’t ask for help? Exploring the reasons behind it? Encouraging them to write and draw these thoughts and feelings down on to paper, to reflect upon when the session was over.

Making a step-by-step plan with them of how they can start small when asking for help. Lead by their needs and wants

Questioning and exploring what it meant to them to Rest and Go Slow! Asking thought provoking questions to not just explore in the session but when the client has left the session also.

Exploring the looming hysterectomy through a combination of counselling and life coaching. At the end of the session - creating a tailored and holistic course of action, to enable the ending they desire.

My mantra from today: Rest and Go Slow.

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