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Meet Stef ...

Charismatic energy in body and words.


A creative woman who thinks in colours and images, has no limitations, mouth and mind works in parallel, which has got her into trouble on many occasions!


Thrives on honesty, has courage in bucket loads and is not afraid to try new things or talk about anything. And I mean anything.


Fast thinker, has no limitations to her creative mode, thought provoking business ideas spring to the forefront when working through client’s problems.


Ooze’s optimism can see opportunities and solutions and will make you feel important and listened to with her friendly and charming manner.


Aspires to not only build relationships, but cultivate them, creating a nurturing space for you to grow in.

Stef’s whole working life has been with people who have needed to find their voice.  Needed to find the confidence that is within them and ignite it.


She is extremely good at helping people take what is swimming around their minds, getting it on to paper, reflecting and acting upon it.


Has a natural ability to help people feel at ease in her presence and open up.


Her toolbox of knowledge after working with all walks of life for 26 years is outstanding.


Stef will inspire you to want to create a more positive and confident you.


“I believe everyone is unique, and the way I work is to listen and understand my client’s needs.  This enables me to create a bespoke and holistic action plan that we will use during our sessions together.  This format will help you reflect upon the changes you need to make, overcome challenges in a positive way and become a more confident YOU.”

Stef Bricklebank




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