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Confidence In The Work Place

CPD Certified Training Available:

Introduction to Menopause







The course will help learners have an understanding of the menopause. Exploring the impact it has on an individual personally and within the workplace. The course is suitable for all adults who have a keen interest and want to further their knowledge. The course looks at data from a local questionnaire, where 313 women completed the questions.  This gives a real-life approach to the learning. Ending on exploring what is needed to be put in place either personally or within a workplace. Therefore, creating an action plan.

Bereavement Awareness


This training course has been designed to provide a deeper understanding and gain knowledge of bereavement and grief. It is suitable for everyone who wants to understand what bereavement and grief is and how you can help, whilst also looking after yourself.

The course will focus on the differences between grief, bereavement and mourning and will give examples of signs and symptoms of grief to look out for in children, young people and adults. It will address ways to support those in mourning.

The course gives the opportunity to address the support and changes an individual or workplace needs to make.

Bespoke Training:

I will work with you and your HR team to establish what your company needs and wants. 


By working in this way, your team receives training using real life scenarios and situations, which deepens their understanding and the quality of the training.

Off the shelf training:

  • Anger Management

  • Bereavement Awareness 

  • Menopause training - Introduction to Menopause CPD certified

  • Confidence in 'the new normal' - companies changing the way they have always done things and staff fighting against it!

  • Confidence and Resilience

  • Empowerment of self

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Coaching for wellbeing

  • Peer Support Groups

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