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Confidence for Individuals

COVID-19 Recovery

Lockdown has been a confusing and unsettling time for many people and I would like to help. 

Perhaps you need to enter new fields of work because of covid redundancies

Perhaps you don't have the confidence you used to have before the pandemic hit

Perhaps you have had covid-19 and still recovering physically and mentally

If any of the above resonates with you, then get in touch - I would love to help you.  Through a combination of counselling and life coaching and depending what evolves from the session/s we will create a tailored and holistic course of action together which will not be overwhelming and it will gradually help you, the client to fulfil your potential, dreams or goals.


One off sessions or block sessions of three and six available.

1 hour · Starting from £45

Young People

Are you a young person or know a young person who has lost their way? Showing signs on anxiety? Already an anxious teen? 

Do you want them to learn how to bring out the best in themselves? Building their confidence.

Building confidence can take time but having someone there to help you makes the process a lot easier. Having a safe place where you can be seen and heard is essential to creating a better, more confident you.

So, make contact today to arrange a 1-2-1 session, either in person of via an electronic device – whichever suits you best.

Learn how to understand yourself better.

Learn how to ask for what you want in life and get it.

1 hour · Starting from £45

Newly Single Individuals

Are you newly single?

Feel lost?

Need a safe space to explore what actually happened?

Need a safe and nurturing place to explore the next chapter in your life? 

It's not an easy place to be, even if you were the one that ended the relationship. Pain is relative to you, the human being.

Make contact today, to organise a 1-2-1 - either via website or social media, let me help you, find YOU again!

1 hour - starting from £45 (concessions available for those on benefits, proof will be requested) 

Stef Bricklebank | Confidence Consultant
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