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My daughter springs into life!

It's 10PM and my daughter springs into life. Her body clock is upside down. Her life is upside down.

I can hear the giggling and muffled laughter as she tries to be quiet from a world that's beginning to go to sleep.

I miss the house full of teenagers filling the house with music and laughter; my daughters friends.

The teenagers body clock is upside down ready to start the day at 10PM.

It's no one's fault, its just happened. Life became upside down. Life became this crazy world of nothing making sense.

Nothing having order, only chaos and confusion. Only days merging in to weeks and weeks into months.

My daughter springs into life in an upside down world. Perhaps its to protect herself from this upside down. Who knows.

It will sort itself out, my daughters body clock and this upside down world.

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