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Clap for the NHS

8pm NHS - clap for the NHS. Go outside and clap for the NHS.

Of course I will and I did but I didn’t think anyone else would be doing it.

And the darkness was filled with the wonderful sound of applause. Applause for our NHS - the workers, the carers, out there working during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NHS - the controversy that it is! The sign on the side of ‘that’ bus, that made so many people vote to leave the EU. The NHS that has been used as a pawn in a game called Brexit. A game of expensive men (and women but mainly men) shouting in a closed room about our country.

How we should live our lives . . . The NHS that has saved so many and is doing so tonight. Every day and night.

Every carer putting someone to bed with the sound of the applause in the background.

We stand in the darkness and we applaud you, the workers of the NHS. A job that is needed, yet underfunded, appreciated and respected.

When will it happen, the respect they deserve? Tonight? Tomorrow? When?

I thank you and I applaud you.

Stef Bricklebank


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