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It's worth fighting for

"She loves you now and that's all that matters" Bob Marley

Can you laugh together?

Can you hear and respect the truth?

Can you give your heart and love together?

Then the love is worth fighting for, always.

It's hard been together all the time, its mainly something you do on holiday - not in day to day life.

I've always created my own life alongside the life that i have within my marriage.

I've always made arrangements to see friends - theatre, cinema, drinks, go away for weekends.

I've always been terribly independent of my husband and our marriage.

So to be together 24 hours a day during Covid-19, wow it's a change!

I hope up and down the country people are falling in love again with their partner.

Re-igniting the love that they have for eachother.

But to do that, one must love, laugh and hear and act upon the truth.

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