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Is this the new normal?

First time I wore one and it wasn't the greatest thing.

I attended a hospital appointment and wore it then.

My glasses keep steaming up, so I was obviously not wearing it correctly.

How have these nurses and doctors done this, day in, day out - PPE? Suits, goggles, visors, masks & aprons! God bless them!

It was weird to smell/feel your breath constantly.

It was weird to feel the heat within the mask against my skin.

It was weird to not lip read another. I've realised I'm quite hard of hearing in one ear and how much I rely on lip reading! Never knew that before. I had to really concentrate!

It was weird to talk to someone with a mask on. The doctors and nurses seemed at ease with it but they have been doing it for 12 weeks now.

God, they need a medal for that! Not just helping people but wearing that awful PPE.

Is this the new normal?

How life is going to be?

Are we bringing another dimension to the problem - disposing of the PPE? The environmental issues around the products and disposing of them? Hope someone is working on this solution!

I had to dispose of my used mask in bins provided outside - this must be happening all over the world! Where is it going?

Mary my mother-in-love is making our reusable masks, so that helps.

Is this the new normal?

How life is going to be?


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