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Everyone's pain is relative to them.

Everyone's pain is relative to them.

A friend of mine changed my opinion on emotional and physical pain around sixteen years ago.

I was brought up to see how there are always others who are much worse off than me, thus pain wasn't allowed; emotional, mental pain. Psychological Invalidation.

This wasn't done out of malice, I'm sure it was a taught mechanism to how my mother had survived her life. I consquently adopted the same approach to life and pain until a friend introduced me to another approach: everyones pain is relative to them, as individuals.

20,000 people have lost their lives to Coronavirus thus far, just in the UK alone but that doesn't stop someone's own pain beingimportant or relevant.

It is and emotional pain is real and hurts. Depression and dark thoughts are real and cause pain. Allowing the pain enables the pain to be addressed and spoken about, which in turnwill help to heal the pain.

Everyone's pain is relative to them.

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