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The smell is devine.

And so the rain comes, the smell is devine. I love the smell of fresh clean rain. Rain we've waited for you, for so long to arrive. Rain to water the plants, clear the air, fill the water butt - to create further use.

Rain is used as an excuse to not go out, leave the house. Hopefully this will help with lockdown. People will stop going on unnesscary journeys etc.

I'm thankful for the rain - I'm thankful for it to water my garden. Give life to the plants and soil. Give life to the garden.

When will lockdown end?

When will life return to some kind of normal?

When will we be allowed to mingle and hug our friends and family?

When will we be able to travel to see friends and family, sit in their kitchens and laugh and eat and catch up, sat down in their space?

Rain brings change, let there be change soon, please.

Let there be a new kind of normal soon x

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