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Spending time with different people

"When you feel a void from missing someone, what you are actually feeling is missing the connection to yourself that you have when you are with that person."

When I spend time with difference people, I feel different emotions:

One friend: she enables me to bring my funny side out. I endulge in being silly, telling stories and creating laughter for her.

Another: she makes me feel wholesome and full of goodness when I talk to her. I tell her my future plans and ideas. I tell her my fears and woes. She brings out the wholeness in me.

Another: my confident, she makes me feel like I can be vulnerable, I will not be judged. She makes me feel loved and whole.

Another: she brings out the playful side in me and I love her for that. She allows me to feel that I can be indulgent in play. Naughty in fact. haha

Another: she brings out the questioning and debating side in me. Creates a safe place to discuss the undiscussed. She encourages me to discuss the not known, the elements people shy away from and she won't judge.

Is the quote right??

Do you spend time with different people to fill up a void you need topping up in yourself?

Or do you have a variety of friends with different qualities, as you love them for everything that they are. You are thankful for everything that they share with you?

I love all my friends and give my time, love and everything that I have to them. I am thankful for them.

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