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Are you heard?

Do you feel listened to?

Are you heard? Are you seen? Are your words met with kindness? Do you feel listened to? Do you feel appreciated and loved? Do you feel cared for?

It's all I ask for in life. I don't need jewels, a big car, a big house (although I'd like my son to have a bigger room!), flash clothes....

I just want to be heard, seen loved, cared for and appreciated. It's not too much to ask.

I love to travel and rest and recoup. I love to visit new lands that are new to me and return to lands that I love. I love the adventure to do this. But this costs money, so I could never be a 'non' worker, as I need the finance to do that: travel.

I love to swim in the sea, open water, clean beautiful natural sea, full of everything it has to offer. I love to swim naked in the sea. But my children don't appreciate that! Haha!

But most of all I love uplifting conversations with the ones I love and who love me. To be seen, heard and loved. Theres nothing quite like that feeling at all.

I hope my legacy carries on when I'm no longer here: to be seen and heard is the most important thing.

I hope I'm remembered for helping people to be seen and heard.

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