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A day of birthdays!

Today is the day of birthdays! 7 to be precise and the majority of them are our family.

Mary and Hunter = family

Keira, Colleen, Sharon and Ian = friends

Although Keira is my family, not by blood but by sisterhood and friendship.

Annie = a daughter of another sisterhood best friend.

What a day. Blue Sky, it's 07:47AM

It's going to be a lovely day for all the birthday people.

Despite the coronavirus we wouldn't have seen them all today. Wouldn't have seen Sharon, Ian, Annie but we would have seen Hunter and Mary and possibly Colleen and Keira.

What a lucky and blessed person I am to have seven people in my life sharing the same birthday.


Hunter will be 2 today. I remember Maddie's 2nd birthday very well. She got one of those red and yellow cars! Harry's second birthday he's outside in the sunshine with a lady killer t/shirt on.

God where does the time go?

Happy Birthday!

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