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People up and down the country have contributed in so many different ways.

Last night was the last #clapforthenhs #clapforthecarers 8pm Thursdays the nation has stood outside and clapped to show our appreciation for the NHS and carers. 10 weeks we've done it. The woman who started it, asked for it to stop. I'm not 100% sure why, though perhaps ten weeks is enough. Or perhaps its because its patronising to the NHS, when in fact they need better wages, better conditions, better PPE? Maybe thats the real reason. Who knows?

It is a crazy thing though standing outside and clapping in to the sky. The birds are naturally disturbed by the noise and fly in all crazy directions until calm returns.

People up and down the country have contributed in different ways when the clapping takes place. A dance teacher, danced the street. Opera singer sings each week a new song. It's uplifting and empowering to see the communities coming together, joining in something together, a common goal. It's a beautiful thing. We should rejoice but also fight for the better future for the workers on the frontline of this country, as this is going to happen again.

Vote the right way to make a difference.

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