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No one is telepathic

If you miss someone you've just got to make the contact and ask - ask for that human connection - during this time its a phone call or video call. But ordinarily it would be a 'meet up' with drink/food or a walk or drive somewhere.

You've just got to ask

Ask for the connection

No one is telephathic

No one can hear or feel your need for it

And it feels better

Better to ask

Better to arrange

And it feels better to make yourself vulnerable

Vulnerable to yourself and to the other person.

Years gone by I would have not asked, I would have waited in pain. Wanting to meet and have the human connection but waited for them to make the first move.

But not now.

Now I ask.

Now I state what I need and want.

I make myself vulnerable to others, to get my needs met.

I've learnt the hard way x

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