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Perhaps I come to crossroads more frequently than others.

There's a crossroads in your life, two or more turnings you can take. Which one is it going to be? Which will have the best outcome? You'll never know regarding the roads not travelled, you'll never know if the turning you chose was the best. How could you, you arent pyschic - you don't have a crystal ball.

you have to believe the choices you make are the right ones for that moment in time. In that moment in your life, you choose the right thing, make the right decision. You have to believe otherwise you'd go mad.

Perhaps I come to crossroads more frequently than others. I put myself in situations where I have to make choices more often than others?

"You always land on your feet" was said to me this week. What does that even mean? That I don't deserve what I have? Or I'm 'jammie' 'lucky' ? I would like to believe its because I work bloody hard and create positive relationships with people, whetherever I go. I work fucking hard and put my all in to everything that I take on.

The road not travelled isn't a negative poem, it's about believing in yourself. Believing that you took the right path, at the right time for you.

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