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Day Three 'No Sugar February'

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I’ve got to stop/delete/divert non helpful emails.

Had my overnight oats – they were alright actually. You definitely can’t ‘stuff’ them down like you can other breakfasts. They actually make you slow down. They are still sour in taste because of the berries mix.


I’ve got to stop/delete/divert non helpful emails. Got an email this morning that was unhelpful and it was there as soon as I woke up and looked at my phone – glaring at me – telling me I have failed! Telling me I’m shit. I need to stop wasting time on unhelpful shit – mainly to do with social media. It’s hard though isn’t it – when you trying to start a business and need it and want it.

I wrote a big paragraph on 31JAN20 regarding Brexit on my social media wall – feels scary to do stuff like that – put your words out there like that, free for all to read, to stay online forever, never to be forgotten and can always be referred to. But it wasn’t rude or with hate for the people who want to leave. It was about LOVE and how we are going to have to live in harmony and get along. We got to stop hating on each other. It’s not healthy for the soul. We got to stop thinking we are better than everyone else and that our own opinions are the only way and the right way.

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