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Day Eight 'No sugar February'

Wow sugar is in EVERYTHING!

Had no sugar for a week. No sweets, chocolate, crisps, wine, beer, white processed bread/toast, no jam, no pasta, no white rice, no biscuits.....

And I feel okay. A little tired. Haven’t lost any weight, which is shit but I feel my skin is nicer. Also had two compliments regarding my skin this week. At ballet on Thursday I felt I looked slimmer in my clothes in the mirror but maybe it was an optical illusion 🤣 I’m not 💩 any better, so that’s shit too!

Wow sugar is in EVERYTHING! Condiments! No mayo on my roasted veg and meat - that’s one of my favourite dishes!

Mood - felt low, I’ve cried, I’ve lost my rag/shit but I do feel clearer in my head!

Habit plays a massive part in my chocolate intake. Go to the post office ‘oh I’ll have a chocolate bar’ Walk to town ‘oh I’ll have a chocolate bar!’ HABIT HABIT HABIT!


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