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Day Fifteen 'No sugar February'

“Spent the day in bed” Morrissey “So happy I did, Yes I spent the day in bed!”

“Spent the day in bed” Morrissey “So happy I did, Yes I spent the day in bed!”

I read, watched ER, slept a little, thought about stuff. Cuddled the cat – Bob Marley Bricklebank. It was lush and its not often I do such a thing. Luxury. I did eventually get up and ready, as I was at a 5oth birthday party in the evening.

I had a really long bath and zoomed straight back to childhood memory. Lying in the bath under the water, listening to my heartbeat and the water around me. Eyes shut. Listening to the silence. The only peace I got in a busy and loud household. A busy, full on, shouting often turbulent household. Full of many emotions but mainly anger, rage and walking on eggshells thrown in the mix. The bath, my time in the bath. No one could come in the door was locked, the silence. No one could ruin my peace.

When my kids were little of course, you didn’t get a bath alone ever – one or both would always come in to ask something or mainly to have a poo. Why do kids want a poo the minute you get in the bath! Haha

Lay on your back, legs up, arms cradling your knees as you hold your legs to your chest – bubbles melting away from your shampooed hair. All you hear is heartbeat and water.

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