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Day Sixteen 'No sugar February'

Storm Dennis

Caroline Flack took her own life yesterday. It’s all over the news. She’ll be talked about until the funeral happens and then slowly forgotten. I of course didn’t know her, didn’t follow her on social media, didn’t know about her life. I knew she won Strictly a good few years ago. I knew she had lots of boyfriends and there was an assault allegation by one of them, or so the media says.

But her suicide is extremely sad and it’s scary. Scary that we live in a world where everything said and done on the internet is there forever, never can be erased. 3 people connected to Love Island have committed suicide! 3! And all have been linked to social media and the press. What is the world creating? A world of perfect lives and beauty? A world of destruction and pain. A world where we can say whatever we want to others via the internet and the only consequence is the pain caused to the other person. It’s scary. Trolls – they’ve got their own name, we’ve given them an identity, a place in society, given them power, given them a place to hide together. It’s a bully, an online bully. It’s scary. I think we’ll see more and more of this, as life goes on. Something has got to change. We’ve got to change – the media are giving what the public are asking for – an insight in to celebrities lives … something has got to change.

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