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Day Twelve 'No sugar February'

Thank you, Universe.

I’m writing this on Thursday at 7.30am cos I didn’t do it yesterday! Dr Chatterjee is right, if you don’t do the same thing and the same time every day – you won’t do it and it won’t become a habit.

Wednesday, I applied for a job with students at the University with learning disabilities, freelance. It’s good money …..

On my way to Leeds/dscvr app I bumped into Nick on the platform, we sat and travelled together to Leeds. Nick was someone from my University days. We chatted all the way to Leeds. It was lovely actually – Human Connection. We caught up with both our lives, in brief. He’s aged well and looks well. He spoke about Katie and his two daughters. Proper human connection. It was lovely.

I got an email, on the train, from a woman who attended my New Year New You course in January, at Spark*. She was asking me if I would like to deliver a workshop at Santander Work Café in Leeds on International Women’s Day! Er Yes, I would!

Now this has come at a great time, a time when I’m about to quit, a time when I thought what is the actual fucking point? A time when I needed encouragement that I’ll be okay and what I’m doing is right. I needed it. I so needed it and the universe spoke to me.

Thank you, Universe.

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