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Beautiful silence, I thank you.


How beautiful you are. How tranquil and still you become. Bringing calm to an upside down world. Creating an endless possibility of thoughts.

Sitting with my thoughts, letting them move freely in and out of my consciousness. Where will they take me? A new idea? A new beginning?

Sit in the silence and let it in. I hear the wind, making the leaves and trees sway and create movement.

Busy thoughts jumping in and out of my mind. Filling me up with my next move in life. Filling me up with ideas for my next chapter.

Beautiful silence, I thank you. Letting me concentrate on my breath. In and out. Allowing my chest to expand and my lungs to become full.

Beautiful silence, I encourage you. To take me away from the busyness of life. The constant hum of noises that we hear. The news, the radio, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, adverts instilling fear; do this, don’t do that. Believe this, don’t believe that.

Thank you silence for reigniting my soul. ⭐️


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