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Dream World

Everyone was wearing the masks.

Dream world and normal life are truly colided. I dreamt last night of wearing face masks. I also bizarely dreamt that whilst sitting in the pub Paul McCartney came in and shock my hand but he had a special sanitizing square on that he removed and replaced after each handshake. I remarked that we shouldn't have shook hands and he explained the sanitizing square.

I then dreamt we were in a bar, no social distancing was taking place thus my imagination or brain was on the old format of life, I guess we are yet to see how its going to work very soon.

Subconscious and conscious colliding in dreamland.

Everyone was wearing the masks. It was normal and felt this way. I wonder when it will feel that in real life, to see everyone wearing maks.

I wonder how children and babies will just not even question it, as its just 'normal' to them. Babies bown now, who grow up from now on! They'll just think its normal life?

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