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Social media like Facebook is like the news now.

I've taken Facebook off my phone and what o delight that has been.

Social media like Facebook is like the news now. I stopped watching the news when we went in to lockdown. Facebook is worse than the news, as its the news and then someones opinion also thrown in. Which I know the news is depending on which channel you watch.

Facebook + News + someone's opinion + other people's opinion = DRAINING ARGUMENTATIVE TIME WASTING, TIME CONSUMING DRIBBLE.

I can do without it.

My family abroad use instagram mainly, so I don't need to use Facebook so they can see pictures etc.

To be honest if there is one thing that has come out of lockdown is that it is the new 'normal' to video call now, not just voice call. And this will change life for the better.

On Ian's birthday when we sang happy birthday we Whatsapp video called my dad and sister in Germany and they joined in too. We've never ever done that before and we've had WhatsApp for years and years. Lockdown has opened our eyes as to what it can achieve and be.

POSITIVE V NEGATIVE of social media.

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