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I should have flown this week.

I should have been in Germany today - Wednesday to Saturday!

I should have flown with Sarah on Wednesday.

But of course I didn't becuase of the lockdown that we live in.

Lockdown, what does that even mean? We allowed to work, if its necessary, we allowed to go to the shops and for one walk a day! It's not really lockdown! It's a bit like been on holiday with your family. Doing your own thingin a space all together!

But of course now lets throw in the mix - WORK! Oh yeah that thing - now lets try and work too! OK lets go .... no let not! The internet can't cope!

Zoom Call, XBox, Youtube, Spotify, Internet searching! Entertainment on the T.V! No it cannot cope at all! Forget it! It's not working, its lagging! It's not helping, it's just creating stress! FUCK THIS

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