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Your intuition was right

Your intuition was right.

Have you ever tried to stop someone think there intuition is wrong? Try and convince them with words and facts to help them change their mind? I have, I did it yesterday.

Why? Why do we do this? As we don't want the things said to be true? Or we think we know better? We think they are exaggerating and it couldn't be true? Or we simply don't want to think that it could be true?

Who do I think I am to try convince another otherwise? A great women's intuition spoke to her and she knew. She knew to believe in what her heart was saying and what she believed it meant. That deserves a huge amount of respect. And next time that is what I will do - show respect to that internal female strong intuition. Repsect. But this time I stated "Your intuition was right" instead to give back the respect it deserves.

FEAR, don't let it stop you from listening to anothers intuition.


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