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'Fix Your Own Crown'

Santander Work Cafe, Leeds

'Fix Your Own Crown'

Shit its here! Today is here! I'm running 2 x workshops at the above venue for International Women's Day!

I've called it 'Fix your own crown' as how can we fix everybody else's crowns if we can't fix our own.

I've made a powerpoint and divided it in to sections. Self aware, intuition, human connection and a plan going forward.

I'm really nervous but excited.

My heart beats fast, my palms are sweaty and I feel nervous.

Will they like it?

Will they think its shit?

Many questions.

We will see.

It's a full workshops... feel like i need a wee! I don't I'm sure. Fuck here we go.

Wish me luck universe.

Let me embrace all that we have in this room. With LOVE, grace and be thankful.

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