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Tears have fallen today.


Shut down

Put down

It's a fucking joke

It's a hoax

It's a poke

A poke in the eye

Teary upset eye


This county - what has happened?

How did you get it so wrong?

The Tory Government?


I'm not the only one

To not be able to travel to see their loved ones

To not make holiday plans

To not get financial help

To be disregarded

To be shat on from a great height

My tears have fallen today.

Fallen due to sadness, anger, frustration and pity. A pity party for myself.

One of course I will get out of. But its sad that we must always look towards what others don't have to make ourselves feel less pity. And to get on with it.

Pain is relative. Pain is real. Today I feel pain for many reasons. England and its people have been let down.

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