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Music is so good for my soul.

Music, I couldn't live without it. I can listen to a piece of music of music and it can transport me back in time to the exact point in time when it made the difference. When it stuck to me like glue.

I've started to create a Spotify list which is all the music/songs that are important to me RIGHT NOW! I'm learning new ones from a playlist at work too.

I love music, I couldn't live without it. I couldn't live without dancing to a thunderous beat that makes your body move without thought. A beat so powerful that it explods inside you making you hungry for more and more.

A voice so powerful your hairs stick up all over your body. A melodic tune so beautiful it makes you cry tears of joy - slow, fat tears that roll out of your eyes without you realising they happened.

Music is so good for my soul and I need it more than ever at the moment. To bring joy, calm, peace and drown out the fear of the unknown.

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