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Reflection and Evaluation

It's the positive that should shine

Reflection and evaluation

I see positive before the negative.

Yes the negative is there in all its glory but its the positive that should shine.

The positive should sit at the head of the table.

It's the positive that should speak first.

Be heard first, as the more prominent one.

The more important one.

The loudest voice.

Yes let the negative speak but not so loud that it drowns out the positive voice.

Drowning out the positive voice makes a mockery of all your hard work.

Makes a mockery of the blood, sweat and tears felt during the lead up to the event.

Rejoice in the acomplishment

Rejoice in the achievement

Reflect upon what went wrong

Reflect and learn from it

Reflect and acknowledge it but don't let it dampen what you've achieved

Don't let it have the loudest voice

Don't let it sit at the head of the table

Don't let it speak first

I see the positive before the negative

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