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Road Trip

Organised and planned to the T

Today I will drive myself and two friends down to Stratford-Upon-Avon where we will meet another friend who will have driven from Brighton.

But a detailed plan will take place one that I should not fuck up! Haha!

Walk to M&M's (45 mins) but pop to my friends first. My friend and I will walk round to M&M's with her suitcase and food/booze.

Here I will collect M's car.

I will drive to the supermarket where I will buy the essentials needed for the trip - gin, beer, crisps... haha!

Return home - iron school clothes, pack bags, clean up and make house presentable.

3.10pm drive to another friends house in M's car and collect her and her bags.

Return home. Ian home at 4PM and I will drive to collect friend from Bishopthorpe - so all 3 of us in ready for the 150 mile journey on Friday 13th!

Never been superstitious!

Planned and organised to the T/dot.letter!

And of course it will work x

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