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I've slept on top of sleep.

I've not slept.

I've slept on top of sleep.

Not actually fully enteringin to sleep. Not fully travelling into hardcore sleep! Why?

Why? The situation we in? No, I don't think its that. The kids? They were pottering about till midnight or later? I don't think it was that either!

I think it was the chocolate! Ian and I consumed an Easter Egg! It was lovely - a chocolate orange one. I'm sure its that, the choclate and caffiene - I'm not used to it. Right thats it, I've got to stop. I gave up chocolate Jan 31 to Good Friday!

I need to do it again, in fact all want to be a fat fuckjunk food!

You know we don't consume junk food really in this house, I mean takeaways. Maybe once a month or so but generally we cook. But we do consume: crisps, biscuits, ice cream, cake and chocolate. And thats not good. Kids obviously don't put weight on but I do! But it isn't just about that - its the cost, the health issues, blocking of arteries etc...

I've got to change.

I don't want to be a fat fuck coming out of the coronavirus pandemic!

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