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I only feel refreshed from sleep a few times a month.

I'm sleeping 'on top' of sleep! Not fully entering sleep! Just lying on top of it.

It's annoying and time wasting. There's no point to it. Sleeping on top of sleep.

To fully enter sleep is where its at. Deep fulfilling sleep, nourishing and fulfilling sleep. Where you wake refreshed and ready to go! Ready to start the day.

Some of it has something to do with lockdown but some of it is just me! I've always been this way.

I think I only feel refreshed from sleep a few times a month that's all. All sorts can affect it: sufar, booze, coffee, nana naps in the afternoon. Food, eating too late, needing a wee during the night, noise - god I'm pathetic! Haha!

What am I like.

I shared a room with my sister my whole childhood, she slept like the dead - nothing could wake her! I used to lie there jealous that she was asleep! And I wasn't!

I still live like that now! But with my husband haha!

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