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I feel nervous about the immediate future.

Today, I feel rather stressed by the coronavirus or Covid-19 is it called?

What's the difference? I've googled it but I am none the wiser.

Why haven't we had concrete firm information from the NHS or Government.

I go to Germany at the end of March 2020 and yesterday I took out travel insurance for the first time ever.(for flying to the Fatherland!)

Will I go? I've got a feeling I won't be. I go on the train Sarah's in Birmingham the night before (Tuesday) and then we suppose to be flying the next day, lunch time.

The thing is if I flew there and then came back and was told to stay in quarantine for two weeks after, how's that going to affect everything - work, my kids, Maddie's got her GCSE's - do they just mean me, as I went?

There's going to be a massive decline in work for all. It's scary, I feel nervous about the immediate future. What i going on? I can't be the only one surely, that feels this way: not knowing whats going on!

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