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We should have bee at One Love festival this weekend.

We should have been at One Love festival this weekend, Ian would have been playing with two different bands.

Well, I actually wasn't going to go, as Maddie should have been in the middle of her GCSE's! Wow! What a difference a few months make. We are not doing either - GCSE's and One Love, not that they can be compared as they are not comparable.

For Maddie and the rest of the Year 11's in this country. Some won't be bothered, some will. Maddie is/was/still is! She wanted to show the world what she was made of. She canbut in a different way, further on in her life.

How come we are the only European country that stopped GSCE and A'Levels? No-one else did? It was a rash decision, one made in haste. Thought through it could have been sorted, done diffenertly, they could have gone ahead.

Aren't we always taught to not make decisions in haste. To sleep on it, look at all the options. Think it through, go back look again and then make a decision?

Fuck Boris!

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