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There's tension in the house!

Worries, fears and concerns.

Sick of this way of life now.

Want a new normal.

Want to drive or walk to work and enjoy the peace.

Want to not educate a child.

Want to not work at the kitchen table.

Want to sit with colleagues in a room, listen to the chatter.

Listen to the hum of the offices.

Want to not do the washing every day.

Want to not tidy up, cook and clean.

Oh but that's what I did

Oh but that's what I do

But you don't want that?

Funny hey! When the tables turn.

I spent years been that person






peace maker


decision maker

Want a new normal to return

Sick of this way of life now.

The novelty wore off long ago.

The novelty lost its spark probably in week 5!

Want a new normal NOW.

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