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I've worked it out.

I know what it is, I've worked it out.

It's taken ages..... But finally I've worked it out why it feels so weird in the morning when I wake up!

It's because there's no carsgoing past. No traffic going to work. No noise, just birds!

It's rather sereal, sometimes I wake and think its a weekend morning and realsie - no i have to go to work!

How weird, how a change of the 'norm' can make you think diferently. Instantly knew something has changed or is different.

I wonder what its like if you live in the middle of a city, the change must be so powerful indeed. No traffic, no person's, no noise.

People have been putting video's on social media - showing wild animals roaming about; fox walking through the streets of York, mountain goats that have come down from the mountains.

It's not just us that are noticing the change but the animals are too.

I know what it is, I've worked it out!

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