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Volunteer Week

01 - 07 June 2020

Where have you volunteered?

A significant one for me: -

I've volunteered at Lidgett Grove School, a school for children with severe special needs. I'm sure its got a more PC name now but this was a long time ago.

I loved it. Every second of it, for various reasons. The staff were awesome and thankful for the time I gave to help them. The kids brought joy to my life. I learnt every time I attended. I got so much from it as an experience.

I've always volunteered throughout my life. From weekly events to seasonal: my children's school fetes etc.

I recently volunteered at Spark* a community, social enterprise in York.

WOW I got so much from this - a now great friend, whom I've learnt so much from. A great feeling of been part of something that mattered.

A place in a community that was trying to make a difference. I felt excited to attend.

It makes me feel confident when I give something back. Something to my community. Something that is trying to make a difference It lifts my soul to volunteer.

You should try it x

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