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We were all going to die!

We were all going to die and if we didn't die we would pass it on to a loved one who would die!

The world was going to end!

March 2020 it will never be forgotten. Boris, The Tories, The Government.


You will die or you will give it to someone who you love and they will die! Someone you know will die. Die from Coronavirus/Covid-19. Someone - you will know them!

This was the message in March 2020. Not in history have we seen a lockdown, schools shutting their doors, hospitals and doctors shutting their doors, unless you have Covid-19! Never in our life time, your parents or your grandparents life time.

FEAR was instilled in US ALL!

Fear of death

Fear of the unknown, unseen virus

"You will know someone who will die!"

How many died? Do you know anyone who died of Covid-19? Do you see the immediate impact? Do you see the death?

We/the nation is allowed out NOW! But what is the lasting effects of the FEAR? Who is going to be effected longterm?

We were told we were all going to DIE!

What is the truth?

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