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I know it well!

HOPE, I know it well.

I’ve had to really understand what it means.

In fact four members of my family have a tattoo: @banksy “there’s always HOPE” red balloon on different parts of our bodies. I have mine on my ankle, as does my sister.

When I was 31 with a one and three year old, my sister got stage 3 breast cancer, she was 34. HOPE was truly learnt from then on.

HOPE is part of my life, it gives me clarity and calm, as does being thankful.

I hope this part of 2020 starts to slow down and the virus begins to disappear.

I hope people find peace instead of fear and panic.

I hope people find kindness instead of everything for themselves.

I hope that the casualties to this pandemic lessens everyday.

I HOPE that the brighter, better future arrives soon.

As I know it will and we will laugh, socialise, not live in fear of germs and illness, dance together in a sweaty nightclub, celebrate together, hug freely and not live with the unknown.



“to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might”

“To wish for...”

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