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Is a second wave coming?

The shops are OPEN

The pubs will OPEN

Are we ready?

Is Covid-19 really over?

Is a second wave coming?

Is the government trying to create a place, where we, the public, are blamed for the 'second wave' as we didn't stay 1 metre plus. 1 metre plus, where does that even mean?

Who is still social distancing?

Who is keeping 1 - 2 metre's apart?

Who is not letting people in their homes?

Who has created a 'bubble'?

Who is in yours? Do you have a bubble?

What the fuck is going on?

Who knows the exact guidelines?

How do you stop a pissed person in a beer garden not hugging a friend at the end of the night?

I don't think anyone truly understands what is going on.

People are shopping

People are spending money

People are injecting cash back in to the economy!

Is this on purpose?

And then lockdown again?

Is this the subtext?

There masterplan?

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