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A beautiful friend

It's more than a website, it's about belief.

A beautiful friend is helping me with my website. Well she isn't helping, she's creating it; the layout, the vision of it. She knows me so well. And she's so talented in this domain.

We did a zoom call last night for her to show me how to input stuff on to the site.

But it's more than the website for me, it's about believing in me. Believing in what I do and what she knows I can achieve.

It's more than a website:

It's about belief

It's about friendship love

It's about trust

How lucky am I to have a friend who wants me to succeed, wants to help me, wants me to do well. Believes in ME.

I'm one LUCKY lady, who doesn't take it for granted ever. I am very thankful.

I hope in return I can and will support her and show my gratitude for the support and hard work she has given upon to me.

My beautiful friend, supporting me, believing in me when I need it most. Helping me create something I am proud of. Something I will share with the world and feel proud to do so.

Thank you x

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