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A birthday celebration

A lockdown birthday.

Today was Ian's bday and what a delight it was.

It felt like normal again. The sun was shining ALL day. Glorious hot sunshine. Friends and family popped by with cards and beer for him. Some dropped off and others stayed a while and chatted. Observing the correct distance and no physical contact, of course.

But despite the no physical contact it felt like a 'non' lockdown day. It was wonderful. Wonderful indeed.

Plenty of people Facetimed and rang/sang happy birthday. He probably got more attention than he normally would have.

It was truly wonderful.

I also met a friend and went for a walk. We walked at the correct distance, didn't embrace or touch in anyway. It was perfect to spend time with her. To see her in the flesh, to have her near (not too near haha!). Perfect to catch up face to face.

What a wonderful, glorious day. We are so blessed and loved as a family. I am so thankful.

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