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A good day

The day started well....

The day started well - I rose early 6.45am, got the beef joint out of the fridge. Watched ER on my phone whilst drinking lots of tea and eating toast.

The beef joint went in at 8am and stayed in till 12:30 - slow, slow, slow. It was devine.

I Facebook messaged with a friend, she told me her partners bro-in-law had died of coronavirus yesterday. They had an estranged relationship her partner and bro-in-law but putting that aside - he was still a son, father, grandfather, brother and husband and with that loss brings pain. Brought home how close the virus is.

I told Ian who then sent his condolences but in a group chat. This then escalated into an argument, as my messages were private and I believe his message should have been private not in a group chat. We argued out points, both trying to make the other understand the choices and decisions we made. But then I felt like shit and so did he. It was all okay in the end, of course.

I created an egg hunt, I didn't last year, as I thought kids were too old but they were disappointed that I hadn't done it. So made a point this year. Harry got up when I woke him and the first thing he said was that the beef cooking smells amazing. That made me happy.

My didn't arise until she wanted - around midday. I was cross and did let it show but I didn't sulk or dwell on it. My mother was a sulker, terrible one and I'm determined not to be that.

We had a lovely lunch at agreed time - 1ish. Both kids got dressed and looked presentable for the meal, which i was thankful for.

We all zoomed with zee Germans at 2pm for half an hour - that was lovely, we laughed, took the piss out of situations and each other, typical behaviour.

Ian and Maddie took his parents Sunday/Easter dinner to them which we'd plated up for them. Sent with a card from Frankie and a basket (made by Mel) of chocolate. Perfect meals on wheels.

I watched Hairspray with Maddie, Ian made lovely beef rolls. We ate sweets and choclates all day.

Stopped myself having a rant or getting drawn in to one on Facebook. Proud of myself for that.

Gave chocs and easter baskets to nextdoor kids.

A good day x

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