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A lump?

A waste of my time.

A lump.

A lump?

Can you feel it? I can feel it?

I can't feel it.

Can you feel this?

No Ican't feel that.

If I press there is it senisitive?

Does it hurt?

Does it hurt when I press there?

No Ican't feel it.

Have you any pain?

Under my armpit.

I can't feel a lump.

I can't feel anything.

But you've got pain?

Yes I've got pain.

Oh well, it's probably just a strain.

I just wanted a blood test.

Well I've felt the lump now!

But lets just wait until we get the results.

I've felt the lump now, so

Ok but I'll just be wasting their time.

A waste of my time

A waste of their resources and energy

A waste, I won't feel better for going.

I never do.

A waste, a waste of my and their time.

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