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Aeroplane Mode

It's made to become an addiction

I've started putting my phone on to aeroplane mode at a certain time each night. Last night was about 9.45pm.

Means no messages can be seen or I can go on Instagram or the internet.

So, today I woke to 25 messages from a group Whatsapp chat.

I put my two peneth in this morninginstead of last night. I didn't miss out or die of embarrassment that I didn't answer until the morning. I didn't need to responf immediately, as the phone makes you feel like you should.

It's the phone not the people in the group, for me anyway.

The phone, device, the screen, the device - its controlling you. Not the people in the group chat, they don't give a shit if I answer straight or not - god we not 15 years old! Haha They still chatting regardless of me. If I'm ther or not haha!

The device - it wants you to be addicted to it! It wants you to need and want it, to rely on it. To use it and then trade in for the next model, as this one can't keep up with the new apps etc.

It's made to become an addiction.

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